December 4, 2016
Logotipo de la web del Portal

Fuente el Saz de Jarama

Logotipo de la web del Portal
Fuente el Saz de Jarama
Town Council
Plaza de la Villa, n 1
28140 Fuente el Saz de Jarama
Tlf: 916 200 003
Fax: 916 200 086

Greeting From The Mayor

Dear neighbors:

Firstly I would like to welcome the municipality's website.

It is the intention of the Government Team, which I am pleased to chair, giving an impetus to new technologies in the town, because we firmly believe that contribute decisively to provide better service to managed, profitable resources and the limited time that this has to do paperwork.

Among some of the measures we are taking in our building programme and deployment of new technologies, given the power to improve access to information from our neighbours and neighbours as well as streamline administrative procedures implemented management telematics gradually on this website where we stand.

To design a portal neighbor "that really is a useful working tool both for himself and for himself municipalities, is essential to have suggestions from all those willing to make contributions to improve it. Therefore, we propose that any aspect of this page you consider likely to change in order to give better service, do not hesitate to communicate through the button "contact" you have in the header.

I hope that this media is an effective way to relate, but in turn also believe that we must enhance management and direct attention to citizens, so that both the councillors of the government team as myself are at your disposal.

Mónica García Carabias